Need cycle suggestions?!?


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Hey Dylan,

I’ve watched a lot of your videos on YouTube the last month or so. I started doin TRT at the first of the year from low test levels. I’ve ran cycles before but this is this first time I’ve went through my doctor. Got a idea of what and how much to run so I started back of doing my own thing through my guy instead of goin through my doc. Well recently I did a cutting cycle and close to the end of it I started breaking out real bad on my chest shoulders and back. I did a pct and went back to my 250mg test cyp and a dex thinking I’d stop breaking out since I’m going back to my normal thing. Well it’s been months now and I haven’t. I’m breaking out real bad still and have used a few things and nothing helps. Ppl say vitamin b-5, zinc, dht blocker, wash with dawn fir grease all sorts of stuff. My doc just referred me to a dermo bc I was gonna see if I can get Accutane but she said it’s not likely they will give it to me just bc it’s on my chest and back. I super insecure about my body so getting acne stresses me hard core. What would be your suggestions to making it go away or at least helping it ? Thanks a ton man !!!