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Hey guys, I’m wondering if anyone has had a bad experience with Napsgear? I’m wanting to order some gear from them but some research suggests other wise. Some have said that the gear is under dosed or fake and all of the gear should be tested. I know a lot on this forum have used Napsgear and they have great sales going on all the time. Also, if I do order, what are the best labs to order from? I was looking at Dragon or Pharmaqo. Just curious of experiences everyone has had? Thanks
They would not be allowed on here if they were sketchy or had those kind of issues.
napsgear has a ton of brands on their website

why would they sell fakes and ruin their reputation when they are already top dog ? makes no sense

what you are seeing is just competitors spreading misinformation.

as far as my fav brands on napsgear. pharmaqo is great, dragon is great. geneza is great, EP is great. i can keep going
bros all the negatives on napsgear are a lie from competitors you'll see
Napsgear will never scam you why would they do that? 22 years in business and 100,000s of customers
napsgear is isarms approved , you think we would put up scammers? come on bro
Thanks for the post guys, I’ve made and order thru Napsgear. There is so much propaganda going on these days with Facebook, tic tok and etc that it’s hard to judge things. Thank you all for the support and help.
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