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You must be intentional if you want to see benefits from your workouts. It's not only about developing consistent exercise habits; it's also about whether you're doing the workouts that will help you reach your fitness goals. The type of workout you engage in will depend on whether you want to shed weight or gain muscle mass.

Furthermore, being deliberate about seeking help, adjusting your thinking, and committing to the task will keep you going when things get tough. Here's what you need to know if you're serious about sticking to your fitness goals in 2022.

Choose The Right Programming
Before you start working out, you must first choose your goals and then pick a program that will help you attain them. Do you intend to run a half-marathon, for example, or is your primary goal to grow stronger muscles and lose weight?

While it's critical to be specific with your goals and then use them to design an efficient fitness program, you should also include holistic goals that encourage long-term health advantages.

Yoga, for example, works both the body and the mind simultaneously. CrossFit is a workout that combines strength and flexibility. Tai Chi improves joint mobility and balance. We divide workouts into categories in the West—strength, stretches, meditation, and cardio. A training program in Eastern disciplines is expected to develop your entire person—mind, body, neurological system, and respiration.

This could entail incorporating more holistic fitness and wellbeing into your weekly routine, such as yoga, stretching, or dance.

Work With a Personal Trainer or a Coach.
A coach or trainer can provide you with the skills, resources, and inspiration you need to get and stay intentional with your workouts, whether you're a complete fitness rookie or have been exercising for years. In order to both sustain and optimize your performance, a trainer knows how to create a personalized program, boost your confidence, and educate you on nutrition and recovery.

Everyone is different when it comes to fitness. Your trainer can develop a plan tailored to your needs based on your unique body mechanics, experience, objectives, fitness level, and likes and dislikes. A trainer can help you obtain reliable information and provide you direction on your fitness path.

More significantly, a trainer or coach will hold you responsible to your goals, ensuring that you stay as focused as you were on day one when things become tough.

Identify Micro Goals That Lead to Long-Term Milestones
Marathon runners do not wake up one morning and decide to run 26.2 kilometers. They begin by training for a local 5k race or incorporating short runs into their daily routine and gradually increasing mileage to improve endurance and strength. Because each session builds on the one before as they work toward their objective, they have more intention and attention.

Micro-goals, such as increasing your weekly mileage by 2 miles, are critical to your success in 2020, so don't overlook them. Check out this list of micro-objectives if you're not sure where to begin:

• Instead of taking the elevator, take the steps to your workplace.
• Set your phone to remind you to get up and move every hour.
• Leave the conference room for a "walking meeting" with the team.
• Invest in high-quality fitness shoes, clothing, and equipment.
• To fuel your workouts, keep healthy snacks nearby.
• Make an exercise playlist with music that energize you.
• Explore the parks and open spaces in your neighborhood.
• You'll have to walk if you park further away from your location.

Your fitness goals are slowly but steadily becoming visible. You'll feel stronger, more confident, and more dedicated to the work you're putting in with each heart-pounding workout, walk up the stairs, or increase in squat weight.

Make Your Workouts More Intentional
It's time to start purposeful about your workouts if you want to transform them from a dreaded after-work job to a powerful tool for achieving your health goals. Determine your ultimate objective and then find a program that will help you achieve it. Remember to ask for support when you need it and to make mini objectives that will lead you to the finish line. You'll get there one step at a time with an intentional mindset.
It's about have an actual aim beyond 'working out' and structuring the workout to reflect this. An example would be a better bench press - working on that and accessory movements to make the bench numbers go up.

So a 'workout' might be just doing chest/pec work like Bench Press and flyes. But being 'intentional' in increasing your bench can and often does include upper back work, rear delt, tricep work and not just that but specific back, delt etc work to increase my pressing power. An example of which (oft used by benchers) would be the JM Press with dumbbells for the tricep.
It's so true that we need to be intentional in our workouts to reach our goals. I benefited from a professional gym coach who tailored a program to my needs. By following their guidance, I could achieve results that I had never dreamed of before! I highly recommend getting a coach if you're stuck or don't know how to get started. For those of you looking for a coach to take your performance to the next level, I highly recommend checking out They specialize in helping reach their peak performance.
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