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Chris Tuttle Answering these questions in AMA session.

Questions Answered:

1)What is the most useful machine in the gym?

2)How do you stay motivated? What gets you up in the morning?

3)What is your opinion on dating people who go to the same gym as you?

4)My wife has been working out twice a day to speed up her progress. Are there any disadvantages to this training style? She is doing 30 mins twice a day aerobic/anerobic Jane Fonda type stuff.

5)150mg of tren per week made me very sick with flu symptoms to where I couldn't train. I feel like that is rare. Do you have any info on this?

6)Yes or no. Use of pharmaceuticals such as metformin and telmisartan in bodybuilding?

7)How do I adjust training when coming off a cycle on TRT?

8)Explain about knowing your own CNS threshold from training.

9)Top 5 Health supplements you recommend?

10)I don't get sore from training but still progress on lifts. Does this mean I don't train hard enough?

11)Would you say it is advisable NOT to run an AI during off-season unless 100% needed?

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