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We all joined NapsGear with one common goal in mind – self improvement. Getting started on the right path is the most difficult part; getting the right info is often the first place we look: bodybuilding magazines, forums, and close friends to name a few.

NapsGear’s IFBB Pro AMA (ask me anything) offers our customers the opportunity to ask the hard questions and actually receive a credentialed and qualified answer. Who better to get your bodybuilding and fitness advice from than an IFBB Pro?! NapsGear is proud to introduce our IFBB Pro leaders: Evan Centopani, Jordan Peters, Chris Tuttle, Milos Sarcev!

Each week our IFBB Pros will answer your questions in written form as well as educational videos! Need nutrition tips? Want help dialing in your routine? Curious what book an IFBB Pro is reading? Submit your questions now and get an answer from an IFBB Pro!


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bros this is an amazing idea, I enjoy seeing info from the ifbb professional point of new, real underground stuff, only wish they talked more steroids/hgh info imo


Evan Centopani Answering these questions in AMA session.

Q1. Every time I diet for a contest, I lose my sex drive. I'm on a ton of gear too! What gives?

Q2. What's your opinion on how to approach PCT?

Q3. If you could only choose only drug for gaining size and one drug for getting in shape, which ones would you choose?

Q4. Obviously, you used gear for quite a while. Of all the stated potential side effects, which do you feel are the most relevant?

If you do have the same question in your mind then go and check out this Q&A session

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V.I.P. is the only real deal source #1 in my book, trusted and loved
i'm the biggest naps supporter here, geneza pharma is my favorite