NapsGear AMA - Milos Sarcev : Episode 28: Powerbuilding (bodybuilding + powerlifting)


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In this episode, Milos Sarcev answers the following questions:

1.What’s your favorite charity and why? – asked by Manman

2. Have you seen any fights go down on stage? – asked by mender

3. What kind of movies or TV shows are you into? – asked by GregF

4. I am 65 years young, 170 pounds, 5-10 I have been working out regularly. I have been on 1 ML 250mg Cypionate (once a week) for years. I tried to gain a few pounds by going to 2x a week dosage, 500mg per week, with orals of wintrol 10 mg and methandienone 10mg (2x daily) I noticed the last three shots caused an infection at different needle sites. I used three different bottles I purchased here, from same company brand. Could it be a bad batch? I only gained a couple of pounds doing this for 6 weeks. Feeling a little depressed with results and the needle site infection. Any recommendations? – asked by josephmalara

5. Can you speak on the topic of Powerbuilding (powerlifting + bodybuilding)? I see this trend and it intrigues me. Looking for information and some guidance. – asked by Iluvlamp

6. What are you opinions on warming up? Is there a right or wrong or wrong way? – asked by Timsd

7. Good morning Milos, I am trying to lean down and get shredded, I am really not really concern in getting any bigger. Can you please tell me if the cycle below will achieve what I am lookin for? If not can you tell me what you would do if you were in my situation. 5 x Pro-Anavar5 x Megas Cut 32305 x Winstrol 505 x GP Clen 40Thank you – asked by HugonRamirez

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