Napsgear: 5 Extremely Underrated Arm Exercises That You Should Be Doing



When your arm workout consists of only a few biceps curls and shoulder presses, it can quickly become monotonous. Plus, you're probably not getting the outcomes you want.

Instead, try a few underappreciated workouts that can sculpt your arms in no time. Try these five moves during your next upper-body workout.

1. Kettlebell Halo
How to do it:
• Hold the kettlebell by the handle in front of your chest while standing with your feet hip-width apart.
• Loop the kettlebell behind your head by sliding it up and to the right.
• Continue to move the kettlebell to the right around your head, lifting and passing your left arm overhead.
• Continue rotating the kettlebell in the same way around your head until you can bring your right arm forward over your head.
• Return the kettlebell to the front of your chest, where it began.
If this workout is too difficult for you, adapt it by kneeling or sitting on a bench.

2. Farmer's Carry
How to do it:
• In each hand, hold a dumbbell. Choose a weight that is both heavy enough to challenge you and light enough to allow you to walk with proper posture.
• Stand tall by engaging your core and pulling your shoulder blades down and back.
• Begin walking by taking a stride forward. While walking swiftly, keep your spine tall, shoulders back, and head up.
• Continue walking for a set amount of time or number of steps.
Holding weight on one side alone can help you engage your core even more. Hold weight plates or kettlebells instead of dumbbells to improve your grip and forearm strength.

3. Chin-Up
How to do it:
• Begin by hanging from a pull-up bar with your palms facing you and your hands shoulder-width apart.
• Pull yourself up toward the bar with your back and biceps engaged, maintaining your body as straight as possible.
• Reverse the motion with control once your chest reaches bar height and return to the starting position.

4. Bottom-Up Kettlebell Press
How to do it:
• Start by standing with a kettlebell in your right hand facing the ceiling.
• Keep your right elbow at shoulder height and straighten your elbow as you thrust the weight up toward the sky.
• Slowly and steadily reverse the motion, bringing the elbow back to the beginning position.
Brace your core to keep the kettlebell upright while performing this exercise.

5. Lat Pushdown
How to do it:
• Place the handle of a resistance band high above your head.
• While gripping the handle, take several steps away from the anchor to produce some stress on the band.
• Hinge your hips back and slightly bend your torso forward.
• Raise your arms above your head, biceps in line with your ears, while holding the hinge.
• Lower the grip to about waist height while keeping your arms straight.
• Reverse the motion slowly.
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