My Vet recomended going with EQ - Suggestions?!

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Hello all! I would like to introduce myself since this is my first post. My name is Lucky and I am a greyhound that races specifically in the 400m dash. I have been able to clock up to 47mph (top dogs are around 45+) but its difficult to sustain that speed for the duration of the race. I want to step it up another level and increase my ENDURANCE.

Stats and goals:
30 inches tall
not sure on body fat since I am afraid of calipers.
male - not castrated (master thinks it makes me more competitive but sometimes they swing around to much).
training for 4 years (28 years in human form). I know that MIGHT be a little young but, if I wait until I am 5 I will be past my prime.

I have been barking to my Vet. and he suggested I'd go with EQ as it was meant for horses but won't prescribe me it because I am not a horse. I usually have a pretty hectic training schedule so I am not around bitches in heat and though it suppresses my natural testosterone production and libido.. I think I am going to run this solo.

I need help with my dosing per week and how long should I run this for? Do I need a PCT? Sorry for asking a lot of questions we, greyhounds, tend to be one of the dumber breeds.

PS. Where would be the best place to pin? I can't reach my quads.


Eq sounds good. 600mg a week is a good start. You should add tbol also. 50 ED for 6 weeks. And don't forget to add test. Yes you'll need a pct. get some nolva and clomid. That was my favorite cycle when I was a dog. Hope it goes well for you.

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Are you seriously asking if you can use EQ for your dog? Well bud, you are in the wrong place for that and I wouldn't even begin to know how to advise you on dosing, etc for that. Sorry


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It's a play on research chemicals, kinda funny, but doesnt negate is a stupid as thing to just run eq standalone


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bro quit talking in absurdity if you want help... this is just ridiculous... speak what you really need etc.. or you are just going to get the same responses you see throughout the thread..