My two cents on AAS usage for 1st timers

Drew Meister

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First off, apologies for barely logging in, I'm a busy guy... work, training, brewing, family, etc...
I just want to say first that if you haven't used AAS before and you've been training for either less than 5 years seriously, or under the age of 21, don't do it. As much as you think you're ready for the plunge, you aren't. My first steroid cycle was horrible, misguided and done incorrectly. I had no AI on hand, my dosages were nowhere where they needed to be to yield the results I expected, my diet was trash and I had no real idea of how to properly train. Sound familiar? Even if you say no, trust me, you fit into one of these categories if not more than one. It's inevitable.
My cycle was recommended by persons on another board and little did I know that the guys so ready to give advice were basically NOT who I needed advice from lol. After about 5 weeks into my first cycle and becoming comfortable with the guy giving me advice he sent my a pic of him out hunting to show off the buck he had taken down. I was disappointed, not by the buck, but by his appearance. He wasn't any bigger than I was at 6' 2" and 215 pounds. I know I'm tall, but I want to be huge as in bodybuilder huge and I knew it would take years and hard work in the gym alongside a reliable cycle that would be the foundation of my gains. Eight weeks late when I wrapped up my cycle I looked like he did basically. 16% bf, gained a total of 12 pounds and lost eight of them within 3 weeks. !2 week cycle and I gained a net of four pounds whereas I thought I'd have put on 20 and kept 10. So I learned the hard way that 1. You get out what you put into it, 2. Forums are full of guys that aren't what you want to look like giving advice without actually knowing what they speak about and 3. research what you think you want to run, what it does realistically and how to go about it properly. I'm no guru, but 4 years later I'm more knowledgeable and have placed within top 5 on more than one occasion in Men's Physique and twice in Classic Physique with my goal ultimately within the next 3 years to be competitive in Open Class. Once that happens I'll train for three more years and expect to at least place top 5 with the help of my coach. I'm realistic at my height and with my genetics I'll never get a pro card unless everyone just doesn't show up, but I am in love with the idea of looking like a real bodybuilder.
After reading this, I hope you take away a few things:
1. Good quality muscle takes years to build even on AAS.
2. Don't take advice from strangers regardless of how lost you might be when it comes to AAS. There's only a handful of guys online I'd take advice from.
3. Accumulate as much information as you can from multiple sources (internet, YouTube, actual guys you know, or see in the gym that actually look like you wanna look like) then weed out the facts from the nonsense.
4. Realize that if you expect fast results, when you come off cycle you'll lose said results aka water weight just as fast as you gained it.
5. Be patient.
6. LEARN how to train PROPERLY for your goal and quit thinking you know it all, or enough to get there on your own.

Just my 2 cents.


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Excellent post and perspective love this!! This sport or anything in life needs to be long term with dedication commitment getting knocked down and learning how to get back up again, marathon not a sprint health before gains, knowledge is power and keeping and open mind is key, always above anything else do your homework, one body one life one chance don't screw it up.


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I agree 100% man I got horrible advice on my first cycle and Dylan helped get me back on track that was years ago and i have def learned a lot since then as well. It?s almost a plague at how many guys in the gym love to give bad advice that they have no clue what they?re talking about HA.


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Great post man. I actually think more guys should wait until at least mid 30's to use gear. You will learn so much about your body and be in a better position to use gear properly.