My steroid cycle need advice

It's about time

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Hi people,

I have wanted to get in to bodybuilding for a wile now.

I need help on what cycle to take to support me to get shredded and down to 7% body fat.

I am currently 29% body fat around 32% muscle mass, vascular fat 11.
180lbs 5,7 29years old male, training for 15 years but have let my self slip over the past 2years.

I have only ever ran winny, var, clen, at separate times.

Many years ago had stupid advice for my first ever cycl at 23 to run tren and test prop, I lasted a week and came off it as the sides was unreal and should have never been on such a cycle, I was left with gyno, it was stupid but never the less I was young and didn't no any better.

I will be training 5 days a week doing cardio 3/4 days, risistant training 4/5 days. Diet and macros are a whole nother subject, that's sorted right. Just need advice on a beginners cycle to taking the first steps to getting to below 10% body fat wile looking ripped to get in to body building.


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Dude, you need to go to the doctor. Get your blood test and post it here. While doing that, you need to get your diet and training in check, and get down UNDER 18% body fat. Then you can think about using steroids

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noone in their right mind, with even the smallest fraction of a brain cell, would advise you to use steroids dude... this is just absurdity to the highest extent... your body fat is DOUBLE where it needs to be... you want to get ripped, control your eating, start getting consistent in the gym and with your diet, cardio etc... hate to break it to you but steroids wont do this for you and certainly will hurt you at that kind of body fat...