My source is gone!!!


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Hello everyone - I've been doing online search and this seems to be, by far, the most comprehensive, legit, place for information there is. Thank you all for keeping it clean.

I'm 36yo, I have been lifting for almost 11 years. When I was in my mid 20s I had a great physique due to lifting weights and playing soccer and basketball 7 days a week. The cardio portion of it made me very lean - lifting made me cut and I did look great. In 2013, I finally decided to give steroids a chance, I wanted to pack on muscle weight. Again, I did a ton of research and learned A LOT about it. My first cycle was Test E and Dbol with its respective PCT. In 12 weeks I put on about 7lbs of muscle, and felt great. Then, I had a family emergency and could not continue to cycle 2. Never touched the stuff again. I have the time, energy and will to do it again. I never stopped lifting but I did accumulate some fat, due to age I suppose. Anyway I ordered my gear from ALIN. I did correspond with them a couple of months ago and everything was going well. Now I've read a TON of negative comments about them which made me skeptical but I thought it was worth risking it - but now they seem to be gone! The website is no longer there and has been gone for weeks. So here's where I need some guidance - where would you recommend getting legit gear? I'm posting my specs below hope someone can help and if anyone new steroids has any questions about how my first cycle went (it really was a success) I'd be more than happy to help and share my experience.


Thanks in advance!

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Sorry to hear what happened that sucks.. Stick around read some posts things will be pretty obvious ;-)


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How much money did you lose and did you pay with credit card?

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I paid about $300 for my first cycle in 2013, i want to make it clear, i did receive the gear along with the PCT and it worked well for me, great results, did not get scammed...


Robolics - read some good things about it...any robolics users here have thoughts?

I can personally attest to Roboics.... if you did some reviews you'd find he's FIRST class, SPOT on with fast, prompt delivery times and his products are excellent across the board of all that he offers........been a fan and customer for years!!.. never ever have had a complaint or is SOLID!