My Latest 3rd Cycle Experiences: Test/Deca/Dbol/Adrol/Tren/Cardarine


I made a thread a while back talking about my 3rd cycle. My initial plan and how I started was:

420 Test cyp
275 deca Blend
75 anadrol
30 Dbol
.25mg caber / wk
.5mg arimidex E3D

The reaction I got was that this would be too much Anadrol, especially combined with dbol. I was only on 75 for maybe 5 days but onset of back pumps or possible kidney pain and also appetite suppression was very fast. I also had to be on antibiotics so my stomach was a warzone. I dropped the anadrol to 50, but inside a week it didn't help. I was on the anadrol only about 21 days when I said fuck it. I will say that I slashed weight due to caloric deficit and made incredible physique improvements in those 21 days. I couldn't eat for shit bc of lethargy and nausea so I lost 12# but kept all my strength and got crazy vascular and hard. I increased the dbol to 50 for the last 7-10 days but saw like nothing. No bloat, no weight gain. No strength. This is like the 3rd from 2 diff sources dbol has done nothing for me. Weird.

Around week 3, I started having serious emotional mood swings and instability. Granted I also had started seeing someone outside my relationship and that's a terrible fucking idea on cycle. I dropped my test to 350 for 2w and some other life stuff calmed down and I got control of myself. On my last test/deca cycle, I had this happen around week 7 @ 650 test / 220 deca, I added more arimdiex and I was fine.

I experimented with taking 25mg anadrol after a hard workout something like 2-3x per week max, and at night, to try and get something out of it but also not have stomach destroyed. It seems to work. I'm still doing that.

I am now in week 6. I've been able to add some weight back, most of my lifts are increasing, I am looking very vascular. I've had some night sweats, some acne ( have dry skin normally so AAS mostly levels that out), haven't had any ED or deca dick, but I use 20-60mg viagra with the mistress so it's not likely to be noticeable if I did naturally. I've had some emotional bouts but nothing like before.

I've ended the affair and my life is back to normal. Work is good, life is good, so I want to push the envelope for the tail end and learn about Tren. For my final 6 weeks, I've decided to increase from 350/275 to 500/400 Test/deca and add 200mg of Tren Blend for a 6w trial. It's 25% Tren ace, 50% tren e and 50% Tren Hex. I was told Hex is serious because it lasts longer so to go easy on dosing. I'd like to experience the aggression, power and recomposition effects. I'll be increasing my calories a lot to take advantage of it. I know I need to go .5 caber at least, maybe .75, and I'll probably go 1mg arimidex 3x per week. My TRT doc suggested dosing Adex 24h after a short Ester Blend and 48h after a 7day Ester like cyp or decaonate. My estrogen was 22 while on 7mg Adex/wk on 650 test. Maybe one day I'll switch to aromasin but it works for me for now.

I know the conventional wisdom is not to mix deca and Tren. I have a local friend with 10 or 12 cycles experience who is familiar with doing it who's going to help me monitor the situation.

So that's my experience so far.
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Just my opinion:

You're playing with fire.

A) dbol and abombs together despite most advising against it
B) some pretty serious issues
C) getting back to normal
D) and now rolling the dice again with tren and deca together

Just my opinion. Stay safe bossman.
I agree with EZ. You just got out of a volatile situation and you want to run Tren and Deca together. That sounds like a recipe for disaster to me. That's the most problematic anabolic combo you can run. You've already done a bunch of crap that seems reckless and abusive with the orals, and wonder why you can't eat right or feel like shit, and then you want to go that route now. I think you are trying to expect too much from the cycle and pushing the envelope is NEVER a good idea with anabolics. Trust me I've been there. I've walked the walk and now I can talk about it. It's just not worth it. That's why I don't fuck with orals or Tren at all anymore. People will put their health, life, and personal life through hell in the name of gains and I just don't get it....and for what? Another pound or two? My advice is to be smart and cycle smarter
well i guess thanks for sharing... you've always seemed like someone who was quite smart to me but echoing what rick and ez said, it sure does not sound too wise to me on any level but its your life and i wish you nothing but the best
Save the tren blend. If you’re only doing 6 weeks, it’s not long enough for the longer enanthate or hex esters to really kick in. Be in the game for the long haul. No sense haphazardly cramming it all into one cycle.

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Thanks for he advice everyone. I decided on 500/400/210. Tren for 8w. Just for the sake of logging:

- going really well so far, 1.5w into the Tren
- strength and vascularity up
- mood swings totally gone
- sleep has improved
- acne is worse
- using .5mg arimidex 3x / wk - testing e2 this week
- Cardarine seems to be controlling BP values well. Was at 145/90 last cycle at lower doses. At 115/70 or 110/60 consistently.
- still losing BW but getting stronger. Back down near 169, hitting PR squats and yoke
- aiming to increase calories
- Meet is in 8 weeks. Total cycle length will be 15wk.

Physique improvement on same diet with Tren.

Strength going through the roof.

Body feeling a little worn out

Acne is exploding all over

Deca's anxiety/depression/moodiness it gives me is long gone

Sleep quality continues to deteriorate

Beginning of Week 11

Week 3 of Tren
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