my blood work after 5 weeks of rad140/30mg ED


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hi guy ,
my rat is on rad140 30mg and week 5 ... prolactin and estrogen level of the chart test total and free is blew the normal range not sure what to do. I got nolva and clomid in hand...I feel good, strong in gym making gains, sex is good, balls not shrunk and no nipple sensitivity should I start using anti-estrogen and stop rad 140 I'm attaching my blood report here, your feedback and comments are appreciated ...keep up the good work


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That’s strange bro.. real RAD doesn’t cause any kind of increase in estrogen or prolactin.. where did you get your “sarms” from? I would discontinue them if I were you
That doesn't seem right at all bro. Real RAD doesn't do that. What source is your rad from?
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