Mk677 and creatine


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Hi guys
It's known that mk677 can make some water retention, specially with a high sodium diet, i was thinking of taking 5g creatine a day, but i was worried about the fact that creatine can make water retention too, any advice?

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I don’t think most people would have a problem. Creatine is something that forces water into the muscles. It either gives you a fuller softer look or it doesn’t. But then again that’s what it is made to do, hold more water.
What’s your goal? Get bigger and stronger? If so, then a few lbs of water is a good thing. If you are in a groove where you don’t want to have water, leave it out.
They say that the other forms of creatine don’t make you hold as much water. But for me and what I’ve seen in others, nothing works like good ol’ creatine monohydrate. Cheap and effective.
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