📕 Miniguide: Omega 3

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The health benefits of consuming omega-3 fatty acids are widely known, the problem is that the general population consumes doses much lower than those recommended, so a correct supplementation will always be very useful, the problem is that all Omega 3 products are not the same.

👨🏼*🔬Supplement needs:

In the scientific community there is an established consensus on what dose you need to take:

❕500mg of combined DHA and EPA daily for healthy 🏃🏼 people.

❕1000mg if combined DHA and EPA for those with risk factors for cardiovascular 🫀 diseases.

❕3-4gr combined of DHA and EPA for those who suffer from hypertriglyceridemia 🍔.

📝Differences between products:

❗️The main difference is that most manufacturers use synthetic 🧪 fish oil in the ethyl ester form, which has a worse absorption, is not the natural form of Omega 3 and is more unstable (they tend to go rancid).

❕Some manufacturers use plant 🌱 derivatives such as alpha-linoleic acid (ALA), which does not have the same positive effects.

❕The best way to find a good fish oil is to choose a brand that contains the IFOS ? seal of quality.