MGP buyers


Per Thin D’s request, If any of you have purchased MGP test Cyp a few months ago in April/May and have ran mid cycle bloodwork, feel free to post it up in this thread... we would appreciate it..
Thanks bros

Team MGP
He sent me a free jug of test cyp with my order because of a minor delay. He’s an amazing dude. I can start pinning that for my blast. Running 250mg ew. I’m running bloods in mid nov so that should be enough time for my numbers to reflect his gear. I definitely wanna help you guys out after you all did so much for the guys that were effected by the Titan stuff. Count me in for mid nov bloods.

I didn’t buy it in April or May though, do you guys want bloods anyway?

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If you’re gonna be running bloods anyway, sure dude. Post em up when you get it

Team MGP
I never got around to doing blood work my last cycle which started in may and included mpg test cyp but I can say that test was a 10/10 product.

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Hey guys...there are well over a dozen of you out there who purchased test c in April and May. I'd like you to get bloods, but the only gear you were running at the time was MGP.
Some or most of you have already pinned it all....but I'm hoping there are a few of you who are using it now, or will be soon maybe. If you are running test c purchased in April or May or going to run it, I will pay for your bloods UP FRONT....up to $100.
I really need to hear from you.
I start my cycle in November just waiting on the gear. MGP all the way, Test, deca, adrol 16wk cycle. 400 Test 300 deca 50mg adrol for 4wks. So I’m thinking first of January would be about 8wk mark

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Ran mgp b4 myself... Was under a old name n profile on here and posted about ordering from hammer anabolics 5 bottles i never received mgp reached out and offered to replace them for free! Speaks volumes to who he is for one and how confident he is to stand by his product gave me his stuff and i got it in days... And loved it! Also ran his tren loved it too especially the 20ml vials vs 10ml vials idk why buy i like it lol and prices are great too! I just been on a lil spree trying other brands looking around but i keep mgp on hand knowing its one good source i can count on...never had bloods done but i know its good based on how i felt and how big i got on it!