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In an attempt to get more people to use bitcoin as a means of payment over other forms, We now will offer a 20% discount on all bitcoin paid orders. There will also in the future be a few 'bitcoin only' sales that will be available only to bitcoin users. We will still also have sales available to all who wish to purchase using payment methods other than bitcoin.
Once you use bitcoin as a pay method, I'm sure it will immediately become your preferred method with it's ease of use, security and anonymity. I love it myself and highly recommend it.

Don't make me raise the discount people.......use bitcoin before that happens. If I discount it any more, I'll have to cut back on buying my bulking food. Don't turn my bulk into a forced cut. A bulk is a terrible thing to waste. For the sake of my bulk....bitcoin. Thank you all.

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MGP Price and Product List
Effective 11/20/2016--- The pricelist could change before updated here. Please email us for a current list at [email protected]
Domestic USA only
Minimum...$50 (before shipping)
Shipping...$10 ( Orders normally ship in 48hrs or less. Friday and weekend orders normally ship on Mon )
Orders not paid for within 24 hours will be cancelled.
Payment...Bitcoin ( 20% discount for bitcoin users ) and WU
*All vial products produced in batch form.
*All products use double filtered GSO, unless stated otherwise.
*All vials sterilized twice using dry heat.
*All products closely inspected by magnification before shipping.
*All packs checked for accurate content before shipping.

20ml VIALS.....( 10ml vials by request.)

Test E 250 20ml--- $55
Test Decanoate 250 20ml--- $55
Test p 100 20ml--- $45
Deca 200 20ml--- $70
NPP 150 20ml--- $70
Bold Undecylenate(EQ) 300 20ml--- $70 OUT OF STOCK
Bold Cypionate 150 20ml--- $60
Tren a 100 20ml--- $70 (This batch contains 2% guaiacol)
Tren e 200 20ml--- $90
Tren a/Test p blend 200 20ml---$100..(that's 100mg tren a and 100mg test p per ml)
Superdrol 10mg---$50 100 capsule ct.
.................................... COMING SOON....................................
Anavar 25mg capsules
Methenolone acetate (Primobolan) ???
Test base 75mg/ml ???
Test c 200 and test c 250

Email at [email protected] for orders
Wickr app- thindee

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