Methandriol Dipropionate questions


Its been a while since i have been on the forum and posted anything. Just had a very busy work schedule. but im glad i have time to come back on. Now i have been home brewing for almost 4 years now with alot of progress. blood work has come back great on all my test products and people love my gear. i checked my suppliers list and noticed Methandriol dipropionate. i did my research as i always do on gear that i dont know about. All the sources i checked say this steroid can help other steroids be more affective by making them bind to steroid receptors better. And i liked the idea of that and my source sells it for pretty cheap. but all the other information varied from source to source. some said it has a high rate of estrogen conversion and some said it didnt. the dosage was a big difference as well. some sites said 200mg a week is more then enough and others said you need at least 600mgs a week. One site said for size and strength gains it was very close to deca. then other sites say it doesnt do much for size or strength. if anyone has experience or knowledge about this steroid please let me know. Im currently running a light cycle of 400mg sustanon and 400mg eq every week. 12.5mgs of aromasin eod and 2ius of hgh daily. Now that i switched jobs i got more time for the gym and im gonna run a bigger cycle and i was thinking of addind the methandriol dipropionate. But i need to know more information about it. Im 34 years old right under 6 feet tall and weigh 245lbs right now. i slimmed down from 265lbs and wanna do more of a lean bulk cycle. so any information about this steroid would be helpful. thank you
Wow, I haven't heard about this shit in years. Last I remember it was to help clean out receptors and made cycles more effective. The reviews I could find said that it was very estrogenic and did not have much use in bodybuilding. I am very interested if you decide to try it though. Keep us updated.
Don’t even waste your money IZ. About 4-5 years ago I was on 300 mg of T-cyp and threw a 100mg of Methandriol dipropionate (a buddy gave me a bottle for free) in the mix every 3rd day and all it did was give my gyno quicker than I shit after eating Mexican food lol.
Lol. Ya I'm pretty estrogen sensitive skin probably gonna pass on it. I got a few buddy's who wanna try it so I will let them try it and have them update me weekly on results. I will post there opinions and results after they run it. Thanx for the feedback fellas.
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