Masteron & test levels


I am getting ready to do my 3rd bloods after adding mast to a test only cycle. I ran Enth for 4 weeks at 350pw and then added the Mast for 4 weeks @ 700pw (I bumped that to 800 last week). I had my bloods done after four weeks into my Test only and I was @ 2291 with my Estrogen @ 35. I am now 8 weeks in with Test and 4 weeks into the Mast. My questions is...Will the Mast raise my Test levels in the Bloodwork? I'm pretty sure it should have lowered my Estrogen. Dylan...please advise.

Here's what I'm doing now. I plan on going 16 weeks test with 12 weeks of mast on the back end (16 week cycle)
Enth @ 350 pw
Proviron @ 50 pd
Mast @ 800 pw
Aro @ 10 eod
Cardarine @ 25 ed

Thank you for the replies.
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