masteron dosage...higher the better?


hey guys,

after research, i found that mast is something that high dosage works just fine (or even better)

whats the typical upper limit for the weekly mast prop dosage ?

i ran mast p and test p cycle @ 100mg eod each and the result was good.

so it was 350mg of mast p per week.

not as drastic as tren, but pretty decent result.

whats ur thoughts?

how high of mast have u tried?


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500-600 is the sweet spot but 800 is perfectly fine to go with... theres absolutely no reason to go any higher than that... dont be stupid with the dosing either


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I pretty much agree with Dylan on the ranges. I think it's best all around at 500 to 600. I've ran it 800. It's just a lot of DHT for me at that dose, and fucks with my estrogen levels too much

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600-800 for the mast alone or with test? I have read 400mgs of mast is pretty good.

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