Masteron Acetate 100mg


Just had a couple questions about this compound. I’m coming up on my next cycle, and I was going to run test and mast.

Age 27
I’m 6’

Was Getting ready to do an order and my friend had already purchased masteron (quality source) but he purchased Acetate.

Now I cannot find anything online about Mast A and was wondering if anyone here could help fill me in , and give dosing advice because I’m unsure as I again can not find info on the Mast A.

All help appreciated, and thank you in advance!
Well acetate is a short acting ester like prop. I’d do 5-700 mg a week. Ed injections if possible. Eod would suffice as well
ive never heard of that in all these years and cannot find anything on it either... acetate is a short ester like prop however i wouldnt touch it...
Mast Prop and Enanthate are the only 2 esters that I've ever heard of...
I cant say I've ever heard if this ester with masteron. Why try to reinvent the wheel? Prop and enanthate cover everything you need short or long ester
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