Mass genetic sarms


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Hey guys I am new to the forum but I wanted to know if anybody has heard anything about mass genetics sarms (good or bad). They have a mass stack that supposedly consist of
60mg ostarine/ 30mg lgd/ 50mg laxogenin and arimistane 30mg for 2 caps as a 30 day cycle. Any feedback would be appreciated thanks.
Never heard of them. I recommend you use ISARMs approved sources. Stick around and participate daily and you'll figure out who they are.
scam. wait for the new SARM sponsor that’s coming here in the upcoming days/weeks that’s been vetted by vets.

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“taz10” for 10% off
PM for link to order
I looked at this a while back before I found some ISARMS and I now use an approved source here. Glad I went that route. If you look at what all is "in" their stacks and the prices they sell it at. It would be pretty much impossible for them to sell that at those prices. Stay around the forum for a bit and you'll find much better sources.
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