Managing Poor HDL Response to Cycling


Hi all. So this question relates to my post cycle bloods and concerns I have going forward about maintaining my cardiovascular health while continuing to be able to cycle intelligently and carefully.


Age: 33
Height: 5'7
Weight: 180
Body fat %: Not sure, probably about 15%
Years of training: 9 as just a guy who works out a lot, 2.5 as a competition strongman and PL. Lifts are 385/250/535. 240 log. 235 c&j. 235 farmers x 100'.
Complete cycle history (compounds, doses, lengths of time, when they were run):

TRT for 2.5y (220mg Test cyp/wk)
1st cycle July-Sept (10wk)
1-10 420 test cyp
1-3 40mg tbol ED
5-8 60mg dianabol EOD (INJ)
back to TRT

(Note: I've since learned that dianabol towards end of cycle is not ideal, I didn't know that then, I was wading into the hepatoxic arena with tbol - I didn't finish too sloppy for what it's worth - in the future obv I would not use two kickstarters)

Goals: Powerlifting meet
Supplements (if any): calcium, CLA, fish oil, vitamin D, melatonin, beef aminos
General idea of nutrition (any food allergies???)

roughly 2800~3200 calories, powerlifting based 5/3/1-type routine 5d/wk, strongman event day once/wk

Any other relevant info (injuries, surgeries you've had, etc.):

Labrum SLAP tear repair March 2016
Recurring bicep tendonosis


I have poor hearth health history in the family. Grandfathers had pacemaker / heart attack. Mother died of a heart attack 3y ago. My fathers had 2-3 heart attacks.

My numbers were always excellent despite a high fat and red meat diet up until I hit about 30 and then my HDL became noteworthy at 35 in about 2013 or 2014. I focused on more veg and avocado and nuts and the next year it was 38. I would say I was averaging about 30min a week of cardio, 5-7h of lifting. (Note that I am not a physique athlete, for strongman LISS is just sort of where you pick up a little extra - none of us are doing 3 hours of cardio a week, but it is a goal of mine to hit 60-90) From 2013~2015, HDL was always about 35-40.

Then started TRT in 2015 and 4mo later first bloods showed HDL at 27. PA at the clinic suggested I try to eat a little better but he said at my age and in context of my other #'s it was not life threatening. Worked to improve diet again and 4mo later bloods had it at 40. For the next 2y all my TRT bloods had it from 35-40.

FFW to cycle I describe above. Post cycle bloods had my total cholesterol at 130, HDL at 11. If you need to see full bloods I can post it.

I'm going to try and find a cardiologist to speak to about "big picture" heart health issues but my question for you guys is has anyone dealt with this in their cycle history and what specifically helped you pull HDL up?
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i have not personally had this issue but gw501516 was designed to help cholesterol... dangans can attest to how well it worked for him with cholesterol and thats been my go to recommendation for anyone with any sort of cholesterol issue and it flat ass works
TRT can effect those numbers. I had perfect labs regarding heart health all years leading up to me going on TRT. No issue's whatsoever and no flags. Started TRT and my numbers are slightly elevated but my doc said not to worry about it. If they get further in the danger zone we'll look at it again.
I v had issue with bad hdl, ldl before start training and dieting again. My doctor presc. me crestor (statin) for 1 month 20 mg day befor sleep, and for that period i was taking up to 10 gr of omega 3. After 1 month everything was ok except hdl (was a bit under but nothing to worry about - genetic in familly). With statins check your liver enzimes after 2 weeks. Of course follow your doctors opinion at first place.
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