Low testosterone 36 yr old male


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Dear Dylan

I regularly watch your youtube channel as i find it very informative.

I am a 36 yr old male and recently started suspecting Low T due to increased belly fat and many other factors despite an on-point diet as well as 5 days a week in the gym.

My doctor recommended blood work to check my T levels and it came back as a Total testosterone of 108. I am no expert but to me that is crazy low. Doc recommended 1 injection of 250mg of Sustanon250 per week.

My question is this. Will this be sufficient to reap the anabolic rewards of injecting Sustanon? As you mentioned in your video most guys go for 500mg per week but you sugest 350. Would 350 be a better dose for me? I just feel that while i am doing this i might as well make the most of it and get the best result out of a slightly higher dose.

Where i live (Mauritius) steroids is perfectly legal and could be bought over the counter at any pharmacy. Also i am on 0.5mg Arimidex eod.

Thanks for your great channel


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you need to use it for its purpose, which is testosterone replacement therapy, to treat your problems man.. you are getting carried away with it and you will end up hurting yourself.. you NEED it for a specific condition... you dont just blast testosterone year round... use it how its supposed to be used, which is to treat your problem


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That's a very high TRT dose bro, you will need regular bloodwork whatever amount you run. I'm not on TRT myself but I would have thought that test cyp was a better bet than Sustanon.