Long Term Low Dose TRT + DECA while Cyclign Sarms


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Hello everyone.

I am on TRT 200mg per week (100mg twice a week). Only been doing it 6 months, This seems to keep my Test at 1400 and my free test around 300 with my AI of anastrozole 1mg twice a week my E2 stays around 30-40. I am planning on adding Deca at an ultra low lose, my doctor recommends only 60mg a week. These two things I want to stay on permanently, not cycling, I am considering lowering my TRT dose as well. I have just ran lgd for the first time and now I am doing rad, I combined these with mk677. I want to cycle these 3 maybe once a year, or maybe just one or two times, just to help add more lean muscle and retain it if and when I need to lose weight.

just wondering your thoughts on this protocol, if its sustainable long term and fairly healthy, if I have a good plan, If I should lower my TRT and if so how soon, If I should even bother with the sarms or mk. I am still new to all of this but have been doing a lot of reading the last couple of years before I decided to go on TRT. I do bodybuilding as a hobby by the way and I am almost 40 years old. I am very healthy and have a great diet.


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dont like it at all... you should not stay on deca permanently and you wont notice one thing from 60 mg of it... its just not smart at all man... your trt dose is too high and you being at 1400 for your test year round is COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY... what are you doing man? seriously... like this is just all too much or unnecessary...

you should be on something like 125 mg of test and then yes, absolutely you can cycle sarms... mk677 is something you are supposed to stay on long term so that would definitely fit in there as well...

if you say you are very healthy, lets try to keep it that way and not be greedy... im telling you right now, being on 200 mg of test permanently will eventually catch up to you ...


I cruised on 150/150 Test/Deca for about a year and it was great.


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I would get your TRT dose to where you are at the upper end of normal but still in the normal range. When you go higher you just cause more stress on your body. I don't think the deca is a great idea. You can certainly add SARMs at any time but I would focus more on getting your TRT dose sorted out first.


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Ya man I would agree 1400 is to high that is basically a cycle. Even the natural guys who have really great test levels rarely have a level of 1000. My dad and brother have levels in the 800s and I got fucked with levels in the 300s ha but when I do a cycle and my levels are at around 1400 I can only do it for so long before I start ya I g issues which is why I have been lowering the dose every cycle started at 500 and now do 200.