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Liver Numbers - Fatty Liver Reversal

Scott Weiland

Hey Everyone,

Question for all the pros out there. With regards to our liver test numbers and taking on-cycle liver protection supplements like: Liv52/milk thistle or TUDCA are we just masking any issues when our ALT/AST fall nicely in range?

So I've had elevated liver enzymes for 1.5yrs (like.. 150 ALT/70 AST when I was first alerted to it) I know this was from being out of shape for so long and drinking more than my fair share of Alcohol. I was told I had a fatty liver (did the ultrasound) but for the first time in a year and a half I have normal numbers. Ive been taking Milk Thistle religiously, cut way way down on the alcohol since I was alerted to the issue and it helped. Brought me to like 70 ALT/ 50 AST but after over a year of combating this situation I recently added TUDCA & copious amounts like 3000mg of Inositol and Choline a day (like 2 months ago) ...and BANG! = normal numbers.

I saw a video on YouTube with Dr. Rand McClain on Inositol and Choline for fatty liver reversal: (min 7:45 in the video) I tried it and it worked..

Now I've also dropped 20lbs since April doing hard core cardio, so I'm sure that helped. Anyway enough of the backstory.. main question again, are we just masking the underlying problems for example if we take all the protection and our enzymes aren't testing high, does that just mean our liver isn't being damaged at that one point in time, meaning there could sill be underlying damage from previous abuse? Or is it impossible to pull normal numbers no matter what you do, if you liver is truly f-ed up so the numbers are a testament that everything is ok in there?

I just don't want to kid myself.. you know? when you know you have Dr. apt coming up and you clean up for two weeks to not get yelled at.. thats not really what I'm trying to do I really want to be sure I am completely healthy.

Thanks everyone.


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if your numbers are in range , then things are normalized and you are not having more damage done... it all depends on how much damage you did previously which would determine any long term issues but you clearly dont want to let it get worse without treating it... obviously what you are using is helping to heal your liver... will it completely? there's no way to answer that but clearly its helping you to fix prior issues...