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Hey guys,

I am now 18 days on Ostarine, first PED ever. I started low and now the last 8 days I have been taking 25 mg a day, along with 37.5 mg of Arimistane and 1000 mg of NAC.

Friday at the office I noticed for the first time my heart beating with some more power as usual. I notice it especially when I am doing nothing, like right before and after sleep or if im walking or working.

I would say my heart beats a bit faster than normal but with quite a bit more power. I have got pre bloods done and nothing was off, but this is not a side effect that I had accounted for..
Normally breathing is like a subconscious process, but it gets pretty conscious now.

Stimulants are alsmost not used.

Any thoughts? My plan is to continue for a week and see if it gets worse or goes away.

Thank you.
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This happens to me when on cycle even if I?m only running test. Some supplements that will help are: Coq10 300mg a day(split dosing I recommend), Cordyceps mushrooms 1000mg a day, and Ashwagandah 1000mg a day (split dosing morning and night) The supplements I listed have so many amazing benefits I recommend doing so research on the them.
I can start with the cordyceps and ashwagandah from today on, I have them in my house. I am familiair with Coq10 I can also add that in a few days. I bought a test booster for after my cycle to combine with some clomiphene. Would it be wise to use it also during my cycle?

Are their signs I need to look out for? It is mildly annoying now and not hurting but, the heart is the center of the human body and I do not want to damage it for a couple pounds of muscle.

Thanks for the help man, much appreciated
Since your only running SARMS I would recommend running the test booster during and after cycle however the lable you attached to your post of the Test booster I feel there are much better option out there. I run test boosters year around more so off cycle. Def try the Coq10 it will def hep and you can get it anywhere juts make sure u get a decent brand and stick to the dosing I stated earlier.

Don?t start the Chlomid until after the cycle though.

Ya I get where you are coming from man it can be a little nerve wrecking I?m not sure 100% why it happens especially if your only on SARMS. I know for me at least when my red blood cell counts rises which is a side effect for some of testosterone use I can get the palpitations until I go donate blood which helps along with the CoQ10.
I got increased heart rate on my first cycle. I'm thankful it doesn't happen anymore.

Why are you on Arimistane?
Legit ostarine will not cause that nor should arimistane. You also do not need to be running arimistane if you have legit ostarine either.
I have read on a moreplatesmoredates article that:

Obviously the dose of your AI will be dependent on your Estrogen levels, but typically 25-75mg of Arimistane is sufficient for any SARM user, and it is a very mild and forgiving AI so it will be difficult to overdo it and tank your Estrogen if you stay in that range.

The only way to 100% accurately figure out what dose works best for you is via blood work (ideally you want your Estrogen between 20-30 pg/mL, at least that?s where I feel best).

My Estrogen was at 30 pg/ml, pre cycle, after a few days my chest was feeling a bit awkard so I thought that I needed to throw in some Arimistane as it is quite mild.

The Ostarine is from if I may say that. Ive read here that it is not the best stuff, but on reddit I read good things about it. I just bought 3 bottles Osta from ISarms, has anyone an idea how long that will take to ship to the netherlands? Should I continue with the osta and throw it away once the other ones are here or quit directly?

I am a bit afraid of gyno that is why I added it as a precaution because I thought it would not be such a bad thing.
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I would stop with the ostarine you currently have... sarms do not convert to estrogen... ive seen companies that push arimistane on others with sarms and thats for their benefit in some way... you do not need to using it whatsoever with sarms...

shipping to netherlands is normally 10-14 days but with the pandemic its impossible to say with accuracy
Well I have been using something for 3 weeks now. My test is probably a bit suppresed than, should I PCT with some Arimistane now then? Get bloodwork done? Spent already some money, so might as wel do bloodwork then..? This is not a scenario that I accounted for haha, I thought I had done all the research.
no you should NOT pct with arimistane, that makes zero sense man... whats the deal with you not listening about arimistane here bro? i dont get it? im trying to help you and you keep bringing it up... it has NO place here
You are most likely not taking real sarms throw that shit in the trash and stop taking arimistane
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