Lgd-4033 pct


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I am on my 10th week of my first LGD (10mg per day) cycle and started taking M1MK. I plan on running GW (20mg per day) with MK (as recommended on the sticky) during mini PCT. I have been reading the threads and seen Cardazol is also recommended. However, I was wondering can I forego Cardazol during my mini PCT? I am having a difficult time sourcing Cardazol because esarms seems to be always running out of supplies. It seems like Cardazol is a "natural version" of GW.

I went from 166 to 171 lbs over the course of this cycle. 245 bench to 275 bench, 405 to 455 deadlift, 405 squat for 2 reps. PR didn't improved as much as I wanted but I have been doing a ton of repetitions of weights I considered to be heavy. The only side effects are tingly balls ...

Thanks in advance
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We will be stocking pct products within the next 7-10 days and will be a one stop shop also having anti estrogen products as well as sexual enhancement. We have you covered on all your PCT needs.