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Let's Talk About John Romaniello's Incredibly Irresponsible TRT FB Livecast


If you don't know Roman, he's a fitness writer / lifestyle writer with TNation, Men's Health, type of creds to his name. He tends to know what he's talking about if it is filtered through kind of a metrosexual coastal douchiness. But about a year ago he made a big 'announcement' on his social media he had "started using Steroids!" *DUN DUN DUN* and does a few Q&A (turns out he means TRT). There's a couple red flags about it all. First he started on effectively a blast dose of 350. Talks about how he's now at 230/wk. He said when he started his level was about 865 ng/dL... so it isn't really TRT, it's just full time blast dose. Kinda half jokes that he 'found a doctor who'd approve this morally ambiguous process'. But he is in fact referring to a physician prescribing testosterone under false pretenses so I wouldn't be broadcasting that. To say nothing of going out there as a mildly recognizable fitness personality and spreading this disinformation, he then proceeds to bring a "TRT expert" into all this who's not a physician or a certified medical professional of any kind. He's basically just some guy whose entire CV reads "I've been on TRT for a while". His name is Jay Campbell. Kind of an amateur steroidologist although I have doubts he knows as much as some around here. He let slip a couple things that just made no sense. The kind of level of information an average intelligence human being can glean from the internet in an afternoon. And he's written a book on Amazon and is condoning abusing TRT at hellacious doses you don't get walked up to despite healthy physiologic levels. Oh and just waves off AI use as totally unnecessary. HA!

So that's my rant. Video can be found on Roman's page.


What the actual F. Sounds like the exact poster child for not having a clue about anything even remotely related to anything, and is exactly what TRT shouldn't be, and why steroids overall get such a bad wrap.

Where do these douches get off justifying cycle doses as cruises? No one's buying it. The normal TRT dose is 100 / 120mg. The maximum dose if you have pretty heavy androgen resistance is 200mg tops, to begin with and then assess from there. Fewer than 2 in 100 need that much and 100% of those don't stay on that as their body adjusts. And that'll still put you out of the normal range for half the week.

Also he starts TRT while having a natty level that is the literal definition of optimally perfect. What a douchenozzle.