Leg Pics for the haters... =)


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Many of you may know and some may not but over all these years, I have been accused of not showing many leg pictures because I was scared to show that I had chicken legs etc... This was never the case but I was busy only showing upper body pics, as I generally do to this day... One thing I must note is that I am really unable to actually train legs properly in terms of weight training... My leg training does occur through the mass amounts of cardio I do 6 days a week... This has helped to shape and form my legs to an entirely different level... I was asked once again a few days ago about posting leg pictures and I guess am at that point where I have heard enough... So, although I do not have legs the size of redwood trees, I think they are going okay... considering the things i hear from others about them at the gym etc... anyway, here you go...




Well first off.... fuck the haters.

Second..Lookin sick bro!

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Some sick conditioning, vascularity, and development Dylan. Fuck the haters. You have better legs than a big portion of guys that train them regularly

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Nice bro! I'm calf jelly

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I appreciate it everyone.. im sick of all the shit ive had to hear all this time LOL... I was just really happy with how they were looking and thought it would be good to post different shots etc... everything on me is ALWAYS a work in progress though... i see a million flaws and plenty of room for improvement on everything... i try to accomplish at least something significant in improvement every day...


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Looking good. Now you just need some ink on them bitches!!! Dont be that dude either... tatted from the neck to the sack. Thats like never training legs!!! Just playing keep ripping