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Last minute LGD q's


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I just started my first day of my LGD cycle this morning. I purchased my sarms from biotech labs. I have a few last minute questions.
Ive read a lot of forums talking about needing an AI. Is it necessary to have one? If so, where can I purchase it?
Also, I noticed that the biotech LGD didnt have an ml marking on the droplet. Is the whole droplet just one ml?
Lastly, I plan on drinking my protein shake right after I take my LGD. Is it fine that I consume all of that liquid right after taking the LGD?


You can get oral syringes from the pharmacy if you're concerned about accurately measuring dosages. I use them for my kids liquid meds all the time.


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You do not need an ai for Lgd bud. It's just good to always have one on hand.

A full dropper is 1ml which is 10mg

You are PERFECTLY fine taking your protein shake after dosing


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Do sarms really work? I cycled for 9 weeks last summer (i got shorted on both vials) but my diet could have been better. I want to go another round but my guy moved.

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