Kuda Labs

Dears , does any one got information or experience with Kuda labs or any product of that lab called KUDA , Here below the link if anyone got information regarding that lab

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why yes dear...aren't they the lab that is a front for law know the go to their website....they put a trojan on your computer and track you...then bust you for all your illegal activity
Never heard of them. Like I've said a thousand times, stick with the good legit sources on this board like Biotech. You can't go wrong with that. Why risk it??
Can you give a trusted official website coz I found that many useres reported that there are some fake websites out there plz
No its not I didn't said anything good or bad about it im just asking because i saw it at a local steroids dealer , thanks for being behave for saying shit about a normal question it really reflects a lot of things about you .