Knee pain on test cycle


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I ran my first cycle, I'm currently waiting for the ester to clear before I begin my PCT. I got my bloods done and everything came out fairly well. My test came back at 5488 ng/dl, however they din't test my estrogen even though I asked them. I noticed a fair amount of knee pain and popping during the sixth week of my cycle and am still experiencing this pain, I am assuming this is a sign of low E, I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on this, obviously I can't be sure since they didn't test for E levels when I got blood work done.
I'm assuming the knee pain is caused by low E resulting in dryness of the joints or is this a common thing when running a test only cycle (600 mg/week, although blood work seems to show I was injecting more like 800 mg/week.)
You wrote the word assuming twice. You can't assume with estrogen you have to get blood work. If if concerned you need to go get blood work again and dispute why they didn't give you any estrogen results. The knee pain could be from training harder... Now I'm assuming... Blood work!
never assume anything... just like cbbram said, we could assume its a list of other scenarios as well.. without bloodwork, all we can do is "assume" and that doesnt help a thing
Ya man need blood work to be sure but with a test level that high I less you were abusing your AI then estrogen is mostly likely high to do to conversion. So it could be Estrogen but not likely. U said it was your first cycle? This is common when u run your first cycle your trading harder and lifting heavier then before and juts because the muscle are growing and getting stronger doesn’t mean your joints and liganments are.
Never assume, your body is so complex, you can't take anything as granted.
Check the doctor and you have to get your blood work done. Assuming is just assuming, not being SURE about it.
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