Ketotifen Fumarate taste... Legit?


I have some Keto from Blue Sky Peptides. Now, in all the sarms and other "research Chemicals" my lab rat has consumed, the taste varies but usually ranges from some degree of unpleasant to tasting like pure poison. This Ketotifen Fumarate tastes sweet, very sweet, like super sugary water. Is this normal? Can't help but think I was sold sugar water everytime my specimen takes it.
So you have a talking lab rat that tells you your product tastes sugary? Seriously bro just talk normal here.
I dunno bro. Most peptide sites don't exactly have quality legit shit, so there's that...
I've tried to scour the internet, but the only thing I can find is that Ketotifen is supposed to have a slightly bitter taste. Thought some ppl here would know if the sweet taste is standard. The only thing I can think of is that they sweetened it to mask the bitterness. Oh well, guess I can't know for sure.
i am beyond confused how they are still in business... they have been shitty for so many years but they have a name so a lot of guys fall for it.. i remember seeing shit that was fucked up about them back in 2012...
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