It's DDoS attack season, guys...

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Sunnier days, more hope, more vitamin D, flowers... Everyone loves Spring time in the northern hemisphere.

It also brings a few things that we don't love, like bugs, pollen, allergies and...

DDoS attacks...

This is the season, folks...

We're seeing some major attacks these past few days, so if you notice that our site is not as stable as it normally is, please accept our apologies. We have tons of protection and some of the best techies for this task, but sometimes the attacks can overwhelm the system.

Good thing is that it usually only lasts a few minutes or if it's a really huge one, a few hours, so you can check it back later and it will probably be fine.

We go thru this every year so it's no big deal. Just wanted to let everyone know that it's just routine and we're not going anywhere.

As always, we appreciate your trust, your business and your friendship throughout the years.

From the Steroidify team.
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unfortunately, this is not just a season, its a year long thing... it just depends on how bad the hate is out there... isarms is attacked daily... the cost on security alone is outrageous.. this is what hateful people do and hopefully they all get whats coming to them.. s4s deals with this as ive had to listen to constant complaints from them about it... it goes in phases but the more you do, the competition will get very very desperate and go to whatever lengths they can... its quite sad, quite pathetic and they ALL eventually get theirs


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People always hate on winners. Never fails. We know Steroidify will stand strong against these trolls.