Guys I'm having excessive itching all over my body, could this have anything to do with my Test and EQ cycle, I'm just taking aromsin every 3rd day or is it probbly something else. Going to see a doctor today but I dont want to tell him that I'm on gear
Yes I've had mild itching before. It comes and goes. It's most likely the stress you're putting on your body. Zyrtec helps...

You used the word excessive. That's your body telling you something is wrong.
Fuck bro I couldnt sleep at all last nite, I've had it for about a week. Distracts me from getting work done too at the office
That doesn't sound right bro. I've had some itching before especially with Tren in the heat but nothing that bad. Try some antihistamines but if it doesn't go away you may need to take action.
ive never seen anything like that whatsoever so something you are doing is not agreeing with you.. we dont know what else you are using and/or taking but thats not right... ive never heard of that with steroid use to that extent
Not using anything besides the two compounds and the estrogen control. nothings changed in my deit. it was just last nite tht it was really bad and couldnt sleep. I'm give it a few more days before i visit the doc
It almost sounds like an allergic reaction to me. Probably something in the carrier oil that doesn't agree with your body
Could b somthing totally unrelated to gear like anything differnt in your diet? Switched to a differnt bath soap? And also you shouldn’t worry about tell your doctor your on gear they went going to care or turn you in to the police. There just there to help you medically not get involved In your life no need to worry bro
Nothing diffferent in my diet or lifestyle, I'll have the doc take a look and see if i can get a diagnosis
I have had itching too from a test EQ cycle. It ended up going away a week after I firsted the cycle. It was difficult to deal with, nothing helped. I figured it was something in the carrier oil that I reacted to.
I've gotten all kinds of sides from AAS. Generally they go away after my body adjusts from the jolt I gave it. That's why it's always best to start with the lowest dose possible and increase slowly every cycle after to give your body time to adjust. It's a marathon not a sprint.
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