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Is Zendava Pharma out of the UK legit?


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Hey, I am in Indonesia for the next few months and the only company I was able to find supplying SARMs was called Zendava Pharma based out of the UK. They are available through local distributors and so I ordered Cardarine. Unfortunately, I have had a tough time verifying the legitimacy of this company and I was hoping someone on this forum could provide some info or share an experience they have had with them. Some red flags thus far:

- The bottle came with no tamper proof seal, it came in a box with a sticker seal over the box opening, however, the actual bottle did not have a tamper proof seal
- I tried reaching out to the company via FB messenger. I asked them 1. if the distributor was legit and 2. if they could provide some information on how they ensure product purity for their SARMs (and GW501516); they answered the 1st question and verified the distributor was legit, however it was crickets on the purity question
- I asked again about the purity and mentioned the missing tamper proof seal and they have not messaged me back. It has been 5 days (2 business days) since that 2nd message.

I cannot find any reviews online, their phone number listed is (123)456.7891 on their website. In hindsight I should've done some due diligence before ordering but I took a chance on them. I am thinking I got scammed but don't want to jump to conclusion until I hear back from them. I was hoping that maybe someone on the forum could help put my mind at ease with a good experience with this company. The only real plus that I see is that they are active on their FB page posting a lot of information about SARMs and the information is not generic, they SEEM (I am a newbie!) to be somewhat well versed in the space.

This is also my first time taking Cardarine or SARMs so I have nothing to compare the feeling/taste to.

Anyways, any help or insight would be appreciated. Here is there website:



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Unfortunately, sarms are often faked because of the high cost, and I really don't know anything about this company to be honest. may be a letter to deliver to some international destinations if you directly email them, and I believe PharmaLady also can assist with international delivery of sarms as well.