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Hello All,

I'd like to keep this as brief as possible.
I see many sources on the forums with great reviews. However, Do they cater for international shipping?
I ask this simply because I DO NOT trust the dealers in my country and they lack of knowledge tends to scare me.
I usually try to gauge their knowledge by a simple question, Whats the best beginner cycle.
Only to hear " For you, you should run test, deca and/or tren, you want to blow up in size first"
I can go on more on this but that would be the opposite of keeping this brief.

Looking forward to your replies!
Best analogy!

Still doesn't help with finding a good supplier :sad:
You've been here 2 days bro. Just hang out and participate and you'll figure it out. How about you make a thread, introduce yourself and post your stats and goals.
Would you walk into a chevy dealer and just ask “whats the best car i should buy?”
And then be surprised when they try to sell you a brand new corvette z-06?
Same thing with some roid dealers. They are there to make money not do your research for you.


SD you can be a ass

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