Injections leaking past couple times


H all,
I am injecting .8ml test E last two times and I noticed some leakage. This didn't happen at .5ml. Is it better to go back to .5ml. Maybe there is only so much you can put in at one time in one spot? thanks!
I get leakage all the time. Just try a wait a few seconds before you pull the syringe out and have a cotton swap to put IMMEDIATELY over the injection site and massage. What do you think is gonna happen when you pin a full 3cc barrel?
just make sure you are injecting slowly and leaving the needle in after injection... some people just pull it right out and thats a great way to get the leakage
When you are done injecting the oil, let it dissipate into the muscle before pulling the needle out. This will minimize any seepage
Also I’ve found that in areas that have been used repeatedly that scar tissue will prevent oil from being readily absorbed. If this is the case, try rotating sites. If you’ve tried the suggestions mentioned by the other guys with no avail, try pinning a new site and see how that works
I typically get some leakage when I pin delts. None when I pin glutes or VG’s. As others said leave pin in for a good 30 seconds or more after pushing all the oil.
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