Injection question - over 4cc's?


Quick ask for insight and guidance. I am about to being running the following:

Test Cyp - 400mg/wk (250mg/ml)
Deca - 400mg/wk (250mg/ml)
EQ - 800mg/wk (200mg/ml)

Splitting and pinning 2x week, the above is just under 4cc. I know it is best practice to not pin more than 3cc.
How best can I get the required dose, 2 pins / 2x week?

Appreciate in advance.


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Whenever oil volume gets too high, I just add an extra pin per week, like doing 3 instead of 2. With that said, I also use 5cc barrels on cycle quite often as some of my injections can be 4cc or so when I'm running multiple compounds. If the oil volume is higher than 3cc just make sure you stick to sites to pin that the extra oil won't cause a problem. Quads and glutes are fine for this and that's what I use