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What's up Dylan Im a big fan I am from Philly Pa just turned 40 on the 17th of April this year I'm running my 5th or 6th cycle not sure which one I'm up to but this cycle I wanna do it right and I need your expert opinion. I'm running Test E- Anadrol-EQ-Tren E. I want to get your opinion on dosages and basically when to start each compound. I was thinking myself on running anadrol for first 4 weeks with test and eq and then dropping anadrol and running tren e for rest of cycle. Hope you could help me out to get me a better dosing Schedule on regiment
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hey bro, your body fat is well over 20% so i could never advise steroid use to you right now... thats not safe health wise and not nearly as effective either when you are in that condition.. you need to get your body fat down significantly for me to have any sort of comfort advising that to you brother

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Hey Gan and Dylan,
It's time for me to come out in public!
I'm an old school bodybuilder who had my hay days back in the 1990's. However, I did win a masters (50+) state championship in 2010 just to prove to myself that I could still do it. I've been an ASAM, ACE, Gold's Gym (and other org's) certified strength and conditioning coach, personal trainer, sport nutrition consultant, group excercise facilitiator and have mananged personal training departments for clubs such as Golds, LA Fitness and managed many other clubs. I worked with an internationally reknown expert back in the 90's whom had many national and professional bodubulders and fitness competitors come to us (when on the east coast) to have full body assessments, receive meal plans and training tips; I was the anabolic androgen "advisor" which we kept on the downlow, as the nineties was still a pretty volatile time for ananbolics use. I first studied and researched anabolics in 1984, as my training partner was one of the largest distributors of every sort of androgen out at the time; in our large metropolitan city. I studied, did research ( Dan Duchaine's' Underground Steriod Handbook included) watched and waited 2 years before personaly using them. I have used them for over 30 years now, successfully. Now at close to 60 years old I've stopped working in the field a few years ago but still train very hard. I currently maintain a 6ft. 200lb, 10% bodyfat frame. The doctor's are amzed at my physical health and society is amazed at my physical condition.
I said this because as I still want to help those who want help with every aspect of their physical conditioning, from simple body fat reduction to the use of anabolics in aid of developing a champion muscular physique.