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How is my bloodwork


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Hello. I got some of my bloodwork results post cycle. (after mini pct, clomid 25/25/25) i have only ran 2 cycles of sarms in my whole life and 1 cycle of prohormones past in the beginning of 2016. My first cycle was a lgd 4033 10mg 8 weeks and clomid pct 25/25/25. After pct i felt fine and i was off sarms for like over a month or so. Then i decided to run a cycle again and i did a 6 week mk2866. (20mg ed) my plans was to run it for a total of 8 weeks, but i started to feel all bad and did not make any gains, and during my mk2866 cycle my seamen load started to decrease and at the 6th week i jumped on clomid for 3 weeks 25mgs. And since post pct i have been feeling all shitty and have no libido and strength is just decreasing after every gymsession it feels like.. It has now gone 8 weeks since pct. I hope you could give me a guidance guys. I have contacted The endo and i have a time booked in 2 weeks, i also have arimidex, clomid and nolva in hand. Should i wait to run it or Should i jump into it right away? Endo Will look at my bloods once again. I just want to feel normal again.. And keep making gains and have that sexdrive back.. You think a 2nd pct would help? Please i need some seriuous advice.

Shbg: 46
Lh: 0.8
Fsh: 4.39
Testosterone: 1.3

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