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Hi guys,
So I took a deca and test cycle as a first time cycle ( big mistake and I've learned from it the hard way), however this was a couple of years ago. I posted here before for help and you guys have offered a tremendous help.
However I've been feeling off lately and sometimes I get (erectile dysfunction, Premature ejaculation, low libido) etc it comes and goes. So I did these tests and these were the results


Obviously FSH and LH are very low specially FSH, and E2 is on the higher side. So can you guys help me here?

Thanks in advance guys


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You have definitely damaged your HPTA to some degree since your blood work looks like someone who is starting to recover after a steroid cycle. I recommend you make some lifestyle changes to get those numbers up and also get a good natural test booster like N2Generate ES. Work on your sleep quality, do not over train, stop drinking and smoking if those are things you do. Work on your diet and really get healthy. You are not shut down but you have a ways to go. Another commend is that your E2 is perfectly fine. If you lower that, your libido and ED will get even worse.


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I think you are fine. Look at your TOTAL and FREE TEST levels you are in the middle or a little higher on both measures.

Yea FSH and LH are a little low but judging from you test levels you look fine?

E2 is 100% fine you are in the healthy range nothing to worry about.