Hipocampus and Pharmacom gear pics and ordering experience


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Hey guys, here's a pic of Pharmacom's test e 300 and hipo's tren ace 100. Pharmacom is amazing and probably the best in my eyes as everything I've used from them is always on point. TA was 5 days after he shipped it. As for Hipo, this is the first time I've used him and the ordering experience was great. It took a little over 2 weeks to get to me which made me kinda nervous but only because I'm used to pharmacom and pharmlady's orders taking 5 days or less int'l. There was actually a pretty big problem that i will not say with one of hipo's vials and I sent him an email with video proof and he's got another one coming for me, so thank you.

As for the gear itself, I am so fucking horny on darius's test e it's actually kind of annoying cause I'm single lol. No pip whatsoever and super smooth. Today was my 4th shot of 50mg tren ace from hipo and it was smooth as well with only slight pip. This is my first time with tren so I don't really know what to expect or how I will react aside from what I've read on various forums. So far, I feel the same; no increased aggression, night sweats, mood changes, etc but its only been 5 days so I will update in about 2 weeks. I'm looking to get bloodwork about 5 weeks from now and I'll post it on here. I said i'd get bloodwork for a past pharmalady order but i didn't have enough money (30k in tuition, rent, groceries,car bill and insurance, etc) and this time i've got money set aside just for the bloodwork so be expecting that in a few weeks. I've also got test prop and winny on the way from Pharmalady.

Cycle: Men's Physique Contest Prep (what i could afford)
16 weeks 600mg test e (changing to prop once i get it)
8 weeks tren ace 50mg ed
50mg winny
12.5mg eod aromasin
.25 caber e3d as needed

Stats: 5'7
age: 22
weight & bf: 183.6lb currently at 10.2% bf (verified by a dexa scan which is the most accurate form of bf testing)
current macros: training days 290C/70F/230P; Rest days 220C/65F/230P; Refeed 320C/200P/65F
Cardio 3x35 min steady state; 2xhiit 6 intervals (i do sprints outside or deadmill sprints inside)

*before you flame me on being too young, please be aware that I am finishing up my final year of duel major in biochem and nutrition so I understand in depth the mechanisms behind everything i am doing and i am only using drugs this early because my ultimate goal is to become an ifbb pro and make a career in the fitness industry. I am working with one of the best npc/ifbb coaches who has top 15 mr olympia bodybuilders to his name so rest assured my nutrition, training, and cardio are 100%.

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