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Hey everyone. Here is my recent blood work. Everything is in range but FREE testosterone is on the lower side with high SHBG.

LH- 4.97 mIU/ml. (1.24-9)
SHBG -46 nmol/l. (18-54)
Prolactin- 13.28 ng/ml. (2.64-14)
E2- 29 pg/ml. (12-50)
Total testosterone- 562 ng/dl. (241-925)
Free testosterone- 18.49 pg/ml (13-54).

Should I take proviron for 6 weeks? Any other suggestion to improve my blood work will be highly appreciated.
I would try supplementing boron first (I'm assuming you aren't on trt) as this can help raise free testosterone. I definitely don't cycle without Proviron though.
Thank u for suggestion bro. Yes you are right I am not on TRT. So what dosage and for how long should I take boron?
dga post ct has boron in it... i would take it 8-12 weeks... you can get it at
I wouldn’t use proviron unless you’re on cycle. Proviron is likely to hurt your test levels. Definitely go with DGA Post Ct. You can get it at
Thank you everyone for giving suggestions. I will definitely try DGA Post CT for 8-12 weeks.

Can you please help me to suppress my prolactin levels naturally. Although it is always in range but on the higher end.
thats up to you to tweak.. you are already in range so you dont need a ton.. just take what the bottle instructs for now
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