HGH frag?


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Ok someone break this down.... HGH frag? What?s the skinny
Dose and dosing sched?

Starting a test e/ tren e/ mast cycle.

I have run many cycles amd have all the ancillaries. Counting macros 50/30/20 split. Thinking about 10 weeks. I tolerate tren well .also running cycle support for liver/ heart/ prostate support.
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heres a link to get the best quality bro...

Studies have suggested the following:A typical conservative protocol would be:250mcg in the morning plus250mcg pre lunch plus250mcg in the evening (pre-bed).Approximately 5-7 days a week ? subcutaneous injectionsA more aggressive protocol would be:350mcg in the morning plus350mcg 30 minutes prior to training350mcg in the evening (pre-bed).Approximately 5-7 days a week ? subcutaneous injectionsWhen dosing multiple times a day at least 3 hours should separate the administrations.Administration should ideally be done on either an empty stomach or with only protein in the stomach. A diet high in protein is recommnded.