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A friend of mine who is on this forum had surgery and I got him some hgh from my powder source so he could heal faster. Just wanted some opinions on the results. He took 10ius before the test and hgh was 27 and igf was 356. From what I can gather these are some good numbers especially since its no name generic hgh. Please jump in if you have experience with the topic.

27hgh 356 igf
Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 3.48.40 PM.jpg

Hopefully this work with the screen shot but those are actual results from the test...I had surgery on a bicep tendon tear and SLAP repair on March 4. I started with just 3.5ius per day and moved up 6ius after 4 weeks. Today after 6 weeks post op actually I feel good. Like Im ready to start my normal routine. Now I did have physical therapy 3 days a week. cryotherapy treatments, massages and of course the injections of the growth hormones and about 200mg of test E and about 125 deca per week (I don't know if that will effect the results). I have been to the gym just for light workouts and cardio(just to stay active) and even though i followed my limitations. I felt like I could do more. All Im saying its helping my recovery. Even my physical therapist is surprise about my recovery although she doesnt know about the added daily injections. If she ask then I might tell.
Yes those are good numbers. Can't read the screenshot tho but no biggie.

Who was the source?
Well gmoneypro looks like we aren't gonna get much input from others. Thanx ob2 for the input, I really appreciate it. At least me and you will get really good hgh for a super cheap price.
Ya i can really read it but thise are good numbers

The numbers look good to me

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Thanks guys for the input..Izra thanks again for your help brother. The hgh is pretty good. It sort of leaned me out a little but the biggest thing its helping me recovery quicker.
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