Help With Test E Cycle


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Hello Dylan,

for my second cycle, I plan on adding in HCG, but I want some opinions on the dosing. Also my first cycle was 250 enanthate and I've dabled in sarms (RAD, LGD, and S23 once [that shit's strong!]).
Bulking Cycle:
Had some extra test so I've ran 250 for a week. Full cycle started today
Weeks 1-6:
Testosterone Enanthate 350mg (split two times a week)
LGD 4033: 5 MG
Weeks 7-10:
Testosterone Enanthate 500mg (split two times a week)
LGD 4033: 10 MG
Weeks 11-12:
Wash out
Ostarine MK-2866 15mg daily
Nolva 40/30/20/20
Ostarine MK-2688 15/15/0/0

I have an AI on hand as well

Can I low dose HCG (250-500IU per week)? Or should I just do the last 4 weeks? Should I run an AI with it if I do and what dosage? I only have arimadex sadly, but it will have to do unless it's gonna have dangerous sides (which I don't think it does with this cycle).
Also I'm pretty damn sure Imma be shutdown hard b/c my test was around 600 before I started...also I ran 10mg of LGD solo last year (I respond really good to it, like 10lbs in 6 weeks which I think is good for a sarm) and it shut me down to 73ng/dL lmao. Sarms from newroids, I trust Seth's COA's so as far as I know it was real for sure.

5'9 21 years old
180lbs @ 10-12%
2+ years lifting"

I just was looking for some help, I actually want this to be my last cycle for a while, going through a tough stretch and kinda jumped back into this quickly but I'm here. Would you recommend HCG at all?


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i would not advise you to use steroids at 21 years old if you paid me... sorry but i definitely cannot help you whatsoever


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You are years away from using steroids. You youths have no idea what your doing to yourselves your o yo thinking about the now. Your all in trouble in ten years