Help needed with a GW-501516 and SR9009 stack.


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Hey guys!

I’m planning on running both GW at 20mg/day and SR9009 at 30mg/day for 60 days straight. My main goals are to increase my endurance during Muay Thai training, my running endurance and maybe loose 2-3% off my current 10% body fat.

I’m on a low carb diet and my training schedules are all in check. The only thing that I’m not certain about is the dose timing of both the GW and SR.

Questions about GW:
- Is there a difference between running GW split (10mg am/10mg pm) and taking (20mg all at once)?
- Is there any difference between taking 20mg (30min before training) and (90min before training)?

Question about SR:
- Is there a difference between running (30mg split into 5mg doses every 3h) and (30mg split into 10mg doses about every 4h before doing strenuous activities)?
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there is no need to split gw and theres no need to run it before your workout... sr has a very very short half life so thats why you want to split it often... its more effective