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hey guys please need some help m running 100mg to 200mg of test p a week and have done 70iu of hgh too. i will be doing test p 200mg for about 6 weeks and should i add anything to it like test e? and do i have to do Pct after this and which ones plz and do i need hcg after. and i want to have a kid later about 6 months will i need hcg for later plz help guys thanks age is 28 6.2 and 102kg been gyming for 8 years but dont know much about theses things thanks
hcg is not taken during pct. but last several weeks of a cycle.

why are you taking TRT doses for a cycle and then talking about switching esters and doing PCT?

If you dont know what you are doing, you should not be using steroids. These are questions you ask BEFORE you start.
thanks wat is trt i will just do 200mg of test p a week for 6 weeks so wat do i need to do for pct and hcg thanks
hcg how many iu is tht a week or a day and clomid and nolva do i take that after the cycle like after i finsh and is that 50 or 20mg eod ? thanks
I think you need to research and learn more about AAS before you take anything... HCG should not be ran during PCT it should be ran before..
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